Significant Days & Events

12-Jan-2018 National Youth Day
15-Jan-2018 Army Day
26-Jan-2018 India’s Republic Day
30-Jan-2018 Martyr’s Day
28-Feb-2018 National Science Day
08-Mar-2018 International Women’s day
12-Mar-2018 Common Wealth Day
21-Mar-2018 World Forestry Day
22-Mar-2018 World water day
23-Mar-2018 World Meteorological Day
05-April-2018 National Maritime Day
07-April-2018 World Health Day
18-April-2018 World Heritage Day
27-April-2018 Earth Day
01-May-2018 International Workers Day
03-May-2018 World Press Freedom Day
08-May-2018 World Red Cross day
11-May-2018 National Technology day
13-May-2018 Mother’s day
15-May-2018 International day of Families
17-May-2018 World Information Society Day
21-May-2018 Day for elimination of Racial Discrimination
29-May-2018 International day of United Nations Peacekeepers
31-May-2018 Anti-Tobacco Day
04-Jun-2018 Day Of Innocent Children Victims Of Aggression
05-Jun-2018 World Environment Day
17-Jun-2018 Father’s Day
26-Jun-2018 International Day against drug abuse and illicit trafficking
06-Jul-2018 World Zoonoses Day
11-Jul-2018 World Population Day
03-Aug-2018 International Friendship day
06-Aug-2018 Hiroshima Day
09-Aug-2018 Quit India Day & Nagasaki Day
15-Aug-2018 Independence Day
05-Sep-2018 Teacher’s Day
08-Sep-2018 World Literacy Day
16-Sep-2018 Word Ozone Day
27-Sep-2018 World Tourism Day
01-Oct-2018 International Day of Elderly
02-Oct-2018 Gandhi Jayanti- World Peace Day
03-Oct-2018 World Habitat Day
04-Oct-2018 World Animal Welfare Day
09-Oct-2018 World Post Day
14-Oct-2018 World Standards Day
15-Oct-2018 World White Cane Day (guiding the blind)
16-Oct-2018 World Food Day
24-Oct-2018 United Nations Day
14-Nov-2018 Children’s Day
16-Nov-2018 International Day for Tolerance
20-Nov-2018 Universal Children’s Day
01-Dec-2018 World Aids Day
02-Dec-2018 International Day for the Abolition of Slavery
03-Dec-2018 International Day of Disabled Person
10-Dec-2018 Human Rights Day
23-Dec-2018 Kisan Divas (Farmers Day)

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