Manager’s Message

Fr. Valerian D’Souza

Dear Parents, Teachers, Students and Well wishers ,

I am very much honored and delighted to welcome you all to our school website. This website has been designed to provide a comprehensive overview, aims, values and useful information to our parents and students. It gives me immense joy to associate with this magnificent portal of knowledge and education, in the capacity of a Manager. I thank the entire college family for according me a warm welcome and assuring your co-operation and support. I would like to place on record the hard work of former Managers who served this Institution with utmost dedication. Here I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to our former Manager Rev. Fr. Manoj Stephen D’Souza, for taking this school to the higher level.

St. Joseph’s Girls’ College truly is a wonderful place for the children to learn and grow. We are driven by the belief that every child deserves a high-quality education and that educational opportunity is a basic human right. We provide a family atmosphere where the child’s body, mind, and spirit are nurtured. We wish to empower our students with an opinion, a vision, and a thought of their own as we know that these young minds are going to take our nation to greater heights. Our goal and mission is to change the world through education. We focus on academic excellence along with co-curricular and extra co-curricular activities that completes the process of education. Our institution will leave no stone unturned to inculcate in the minds of young students, the values of self sacrifice, forgiveness, love, peace, brotherhood, justice, generosity etc.

Our aim is to build an environment where the students foster spiritual, cultural, social, physical and academic excellence. I am really impressed by the resilience and compassion demonstrated by the Principal, teachers, students and parents and I wholeheartedly thank the parents for their constant support and cooperation in all the decisions the school makes for the well-being of the students. In this fast changing social scenario, school education has a great role to play in equipping the students to become creative and well integrated members of the society. Right kind of education enables one to meet life’s challenges. Education plays a great role in the life of everyone all through life.

The rich deposits God has placed in every student need to be discovered, revealed and multiplied; and education serves best, to fulfill this purpose. It is the apt tool in successfully bringing to light the treasure that lies dormant within the student. Here at St. Joseph’s Girls’ College, education is imparted with a strong focus on this concept. It helps the students to bring out the best in them thereby identifying their areas of strength and God-given talents. The students acquire a clear understanding of what they are and what they could become.

I wish & pray God’s abundant blessings be upon us always

You’re affectionate Manager
Fr. Valerian D’Souza

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