School Anthem

For St. Joseph, Our Patron, we stand
United In both head and hand.
Our Lips shall always speak of his praise
Our minds and hearts to him we raise

In praise of our college we sing
As the glad hosannas ring.
Since you have shown the way to victory
Our motto then shall always be
Semper Sursum our Alma matter,
Semper Sursum, always aim high

To St. Joseph, our patron, We pray,
Teach us to labour day by day.
Our Flagging zeal and courage renew
To keep our conv’nant ever true.

Let us unite, all Josephites,
Let us all strive for greater heights.
Love, truth and peace out guiding stars,
Will lead us on to happy hours.
Tune (As in we Stand for GOD………..)

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of St. Joseph's Girls' College, Prayagraj

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