Teaching Staff


Standing L-R - Ms. Sweksha Evengilina Samuel , Ms. Jasmine Vaishali Singh, Ms. Praise John, Ms. Anindita Mukherjee, Ms. Maarisha Maria Paul, Ms. Diksha Malaviya, Mrs. Pallavi Yadav, Ms. Richa Nikita Tirkey, Ms. Vandita Leah Daniel, Ms. Aashna Reetika Benjamin

Sitting L-R – Mrs. Sharad Srivastava, Mrs. Sujata Srivastava, Ms. Ruchi Srivastava, Rev. Fr. Stephen Manoj D’Souza , Mrs. Aparna Ranjan , Ms. Alka Pandey , Mrs. Shaista Parveen , Mrs. Sunita Srivastava


Applying leave of absence on behalf of your ward is easy with the app. You will get instant notification on your app of leave’s approval or rejection.

Instant push notification for all the messages.

Easy view of photo albums after receiving SMS update from e-Care team.

Sequential log of all received SMS with sender's image.

Attendance, schedule, academic records, syllabus, conversation, assignments H.W etc everything is now available on mobile app.

Website when opened through e-Care app on mobile, gives much optimized and concise look with better experience than PC or laptop browsing.

Pay fees online using your mobile app sitting at home easily.


of St. Joseph's Girls' College, Prayagraj

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